“ I’m Retarted! lolz! ”

sufy1000 on Retarded Tests

“ its from batman returns, the most sensitive of all the batmans ”

6mastera9 on Seal - Kiss from a Rose

“ This song makes me wish I had a successful attempt at talking to a girl. ”

HackNSlash12 on Seal - Kiss from a Rose

“ Seeing that has left my brain metagrobolized. I didn’t really take to the original, but seeing it done by the Big French Grapefruit has completely changed my way of thinking. ”

rdlchapman on Single Ladies - Beyonce

“ Wow I never noticed your “boner” in that video. Guess I’m not gay. So that’s nice. ”

ifwere1021 on Girl Has A BONER!??

“ Is it boobs? What about boobs? Could it be boobs? I’m guessing boobs. ”

Rudenewt on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3VQGdqem_o&feature=dir

“ i just love thing song….. ”

MCshithead on Chaka Demus & Pliers - Tease me

“ i almost died because i laughed so hard i had to go to the hospital (lol) ”

vaneloveyu on Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama

“ Keksman lives, suckers! Burn, garry slutman and all of you asshats on facepunch! ”

solidspace165 on  Soulja Boy - How to Crank That

“ I laughed, I cried, I pissed in my pants. An instant classic! ”

phatjack11 on  Crush on Obama